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"A shredded back is an essential part of placing well in bodybuilding shows. It enhances your physique’s muscularity and increases your shoulder-to-waist ratio, which gives you a more vivid aesthetic appearance. Building a strong and ripped back naturally takes time, though. International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) athlete Sep Pouresa showcased his 4-year back transformation on Instagram."

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"Dentist, Kinesiologist and INBA Men’s Physique athlete Dr. Sep Pouresa has been gaining popularity on Instagram as @dr.spouresa by crushing workouts and educating his followers about various domains of health, fitness and dentistry. His strong passion for health and education also resides in his contribution to the dental community. He adopts the approach of empowering and educating patients about their oral health so that they can more actively engage in the decision-making of their treatments". 

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"Known for his daily 4am routine of crushing workouts before seeing patients, Dr. Pouresa is also pursuing a residency at the University of the Pacific to further advance his training with more complex surgical and cosmetic treatments. Growing up in Canada, his passion for fitness and dentistry fueled his motivation to earn both a kinesiology degree and a dental doctorate along with the Lieutenant Governor’s medal for his philanthropy and positive influence in the community".

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"As healthcare workers, we often forget and neglect our own wellbeing for the health of our patients. Working in health, just like any other profession, requires you to also commit to a lifetime of learning and personal growth, which can sometimes be overwhelming."

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"Today, I feel blessed to end my journey in Canada with a kinesiology degree, the lieutenant governor’s medal, 3 IDFA Men's Physique medals, a dental doctorate and enrolling in a residency in California. Tell us about your upbringing, background and journey?"

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"Dr. Sep Pouresa is both an INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding Association) and IDFA (International Drug Free Athletics) Men’s physique athlete residing in San Francisco, California.When he is not smashing workouts at the gym and prepping monstrous meals, he is working as a general and cosmetic dentist in the city".

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"Sep Pouresa, a third-year B.Sc. Kinesiology student with our Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education, was honoured with medals from the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec

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